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Bombardier has announced that Steve Ridolfi, the president of Bombardier Business Jets, will be replaced with Eric Martel in the New Year. Ridolfi will become senior vice-president of strategy and mergers and acquisitions, reporting directly to Bombardier President and Chief Executive Officer Pierre Beaudoin, according to the Globe and Mail. Read More
AEA Pilots Guide || Aircraft Electronics 
Pilot's Guide to Avionics Now Available
The 2013-'14 edition of the Aircraft Electronics Association's Pilot's Guide to Avionics is now available. To request a complimentary copy, visit

The publication is a consumer's directory loaded with educational articles and timely information about the avionics industry, its products and its people, which helps pilots and aircraft owners make better buying decisions and locate more than 1,300 AEA member companies, including government-certified repair stations, around the world.
Embraer's North American spokesman says the company has been internally investigating "certain commercial transactions abroad" since 2010 and is cooperating fully with authorities in several countries to get to the bottom of bribery allegations involving two aircraft deals. Read More
Comfort - Quiet - Clarity || Zulu.2 Is Now 
Zulu.2: The Best Value in Premium ANR Is Now Even Better
Now you can experience the remarkable comfort, quiet, and clarity of one of the world's best aviation headsets at an even more remarkable price. The retail price of our Zulu.2 headset is now $850 USD. The choice of private and professional pilots around the world, this triumph of communication connectivity is now more affordable than ever. Learn more...
The Santa Monica Airport belongs to the city, officials said in a lawsuit filed last week, challenging the FAA's claim that the field must be operated "in perpetuity." The city reportedly would like to close the busy airport, which is surrounded by residential neighborhoods, and the recent fatal crash there has intensified opponents' complaints about safety concerns. The suit says the 1948 agreement between the city and federal authorities was unconstitutional, and asks the court to name the city as owner of the airport's 227 acres. The airport is home to several flight schools and nearly 300 aircraft, and is a popular destination for business jets. Read More
Starr Companies
Your Flight School Is Covered, But Are You?
Starr Aviation offers a comprehensive non-owned aircraft liability policy for student pilots flying single- and multi-engine or even rotorcraft airplanes. Coverages include bodily injury, damage to non-owned aircraft, property damage, air medical expenses, and loss of use — all engineered by an underwriting team with the experience and service you need. Through our national network of aircraft insurance brokers, Starr's financial strength and fast-pay claims service is hard to beat. For details, click here to visit
A final rule affecting how commercial pilots are trained went into effect on Tuesday, the FAA announced. The rule, which stems mainly from investigations following the Colgan Air crash in 2009, has long been in the works, and recently was delayed by the federal government's shutdown over funding disputes. The rule, which the FAA said will cost the industry up to $354 million to implement, requires new ground, simulator, and flight training to change how pilots address and recover from stalls. "The rule marks a major step toward addressing the greatest known risk areas in pilot training," said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta. "I'm also calling on the commercial aviation industry to continue to move forward with voluntary initiatives to make air carrier training programs as robust as possible." Read More
Buy a Skyway to Support STEM Education || 
Think Global Flight
Buy a Skyway! Help Fuel the ThinkGlobalFlight STEM Adventure
Help us motivate a new generation of aviators, scientists, and engineers: Think STEM and! TGF's April 2014 orbit of the Earth will interactively reach students at Student Command Centers via SATCOM in 37 countries enroute about science, technology, engineering, and math. As little as $25 sponsors a Skyway along the way, fueling the TGF Cirrus SR-20 around the globe! Click here to learn more.
When two airplanes carrying skydivers collided above Wisconsin on Saturday, many of the jumpers were equipped with video cameras, and some of that film is now turning up online. The nine skydivers all jumped safely, along with one of the pilots; the second pilot was able to safely land his damaged Cessna 185. The other airplane, a Cessna 182, broke up and caught fire. The debris landed mostly on the airport property and nobody on the ground was hurt. Read More
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Even though new LSAs find slots on the training flight lines, many schools cling to the Cessna 152 for a reason. Read More
David Clark DC PRO-X
Game theory is gaining favor as a means of training in all sorts of disciplines, and now Redbird wants to try it with aviation. At the company's third annual Migration training conference in San Marcos, Texas on Tuesday, Redbird's Jeff Van West explained the new program. It's currently in the experimental and testing phase but could be ready for a more complete rollout in three years or so. Read More
AVweb's Tim Cole recently completed a trip to China and the China General Aviation Congress at Xi'an. Here are some closing observations. Read More