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With the first two FAA test sites for unmanned aerial vehicles now up and running, in North Dakota and Alaska, the introduction of UAVs into the national airspace is only a matter of time -- and manufacturers and advocates say that time can't come soon enough. The UAV industry will gather next week in Orlando, Fla., to show off all the latest technology from more than 550 exhibitors, arriving from more than 40 countries. Upwards of 8,000 visitors are expected to attend the Unmanned Systems show, organized by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International. Read More
Officials at two national parks have told visitors the use of drones within their boundaries is illegal but the absence of laws and regulations governing their use could make the ban short-lived. Last Friday, officials at Yosemite National Park in northern California reminded visitors that drone use is "prohibited" and on Monday Zion National Park in Utah followed suit. Read More
As Textron works through the integration of Beechcraft into its newly formed Textron Aviation unit, some complications have arisen that put millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded incentives in question. According to the Wichita Eagle, detailed discussions between Textron and state officials are planned to sort out the future of a total of $45 million in incentives that were originally aimed at keeping the former Hawker Beechcraft in Wichita about four years ago. Read More
Big Time in the Big 
Join Able Flight Pilots and Friends for a "Big Time in the Big Easy!"
It's Able Flight's annual benefit for the scholarship fund May 30 at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. Celebrate the success of our newest pilots with special guests including Patty Wagstaff and enjoy great food and music. Thanks to sponsors Embraer, Sennheiser, and Landmark Aviation, all proceeds from donations for tables or seats go to our scholarship fund! Reserve your seat or table today. Call (919) 942-4699 or visit
The FAA and GA advocacy groups have teamed up to support an eight-month-long national safety campaign about weather challenges. The project, called "Got Weather?", aims to help pilots better prepare for dealing with weather they may encounter during the year's busiest flying season. Federal officials and leaders of GA groups kicked off the campaign on Sunday at the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering, in Anchorage. Read More
The destruction of a B-17 Flying Fortress in June 2011 was caused by "inadequate repair of the fuel tank that allowed the fuel leak to continue, ultimately resulting in an in-flight fire," the NTSB has concluded in its final report. The Liberty Belle, operated by the Liberty Foundation of Florida, was destroyed by fire after the crew made an emergency landing in a corn field in Illinois. All seven people on board escaped, with only one minor injury to a passenger, according to the NTSB, but the airplane was a total loss. The weekend before the accident, a fuel leak was identified, the NTSB said. Read More
Plenty of airports are plagued by problems with birds, but at one military airport in China, officials have discovered a unique solution -- they trained rhesus monkeys to climb trees near the field and knock down bird nests. "Our airfield is located along one of the eight flyways, the East Asian-Australasian Flyway, so large numbers of migrating birds come here around March every year and begin nesting near the airport, which creates significant safety hazards for flight," said Su Chuang, head of the bird control team at an unidentified airbase of Beijing Military Command, according to China Daily. Workers have been hired in the past to knock down the nests, but it's a slow and costly process. In the last two months, two trained monkeys have destroyed about 180 nests. Read More
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Brainteasers Quiz #195: Conquer Those Unknown Knowns

Just when you think you know a subject, 50 shades of doubt can ooze from the depths of aero-minutiae memory to compromise personal confidence. Fear not! Put doubt back in its place by acing this quiz.

Take the quiz.

And click here for reader stories about embarrassing checkride mistakes we received in response to our last quiz.

Read More
Confession is good for the soul but can be embarrassing. Here, now, the unscientific tabulation of readers' responses to "Brainteasers" quiz 194's question, "How did you screw up your checkride?" Read More
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And keep your belt low and tight around your hips. This from a self-confessed, loud and proud turbulence chicken. Read More
Jeppesen Chart Clinic Confidential || May 15, 
2014 Webinar - Register Today
Epic hopes to begin deliveries of its E1000, the certified version of the LT owner-built aircraft, in 2015. AVweb and Aviation Consumer's Rick Durden toured the plant in Bend, Oregon and flew an LT. Read More
Tachometer Replacement || CGR-30P from 
Electronics International
AOPA launched their first new regional fly-in last weekend in San Marcos, Texas. AVweb's Mary Grady talks with Katie Pribyl, AOPA's vice president in charge of events, to find out more about how the new format worked out and whether it's meeting the association's goals. Read More
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Jeppesen has brought back its Chart Clinic educational program with a modern twist. Jeppesen's Reggie Arsenault talks about the integration of its apps for IFR and VFR charts into the new series of Chart Clinics. Read More
Kansas Aircraft Corporation || Extraordinary 
Service, Exceptional Aircraft
Avidyne's IFD540 navigator has been stalled in certification for a couple of years, but the company said it plans to begin deliveries at the end of June 2014. Aviation Consumer's Larry Anglisano had a look at the IFD540 during a flight demo at Sun 'n Fun 2014 and got an update on the project from Avidyne's Tom Harper. Read More
David Clark DC PRO-X
Picture of 
the Week
While we haven't caught up to the blood moon pics from this past week, the silver lady is on our minds this week, which could explain why we're leading offing this edition of "PotW" with a shot from Brian Buck of Irmo, SC. Click through for more reader-submitted photos. Read More
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