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The FAA’s comment period is now closed for its proposed changes to Part 23 aircraft certification, and 61 comments have been logged online. The GA industry has been lobbying for the changes for years, in hopes that it will become easier and cheaper to certify new airplanes and bring new technologies to market. But the process isn’t complete until everyone has had their say. The comments come from a range of aircraft owners and pilots, as well as industry groups and aircraft manufacturers. Read More
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The FAA said today it has completed tests of new drone-detection technology at John F. Kennedy International Airport, in New York. The tests, which began May 2, studied the effectiveness of a detection system developed by the FBI. Five different rotorcraft and fixed-wing UAS participated in the evaluations, and about 40 separate tests took place, the FAA said. “We face many difficult challenges as we integrate rapidly evolving UAS technology into our complex and highly regulated airspace,” said Marke Gibson, FAA senior advisor on UAS integration. Read More
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Diamond has flown its DART trainer prototype for the first time. The turboprop tandem seat aircraft took off Tuesday for its maiden flight and it was good enough for company President Christian Dries to commit to production. Read More
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ICAO/FAA Procedures Manual
The ICAO/FAA Procedures Handbook explains to commercial pilots the differences between ICAO and FAA instrument flight procedures. In contrast to the FAA open-access policy, pilots rarely have access to ICAO Documents, which is what makes this book is unique. No other book includes both procedure sets in one document.
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New green technologies developed by NASA and the aviation industry will lead to quieter, cleaner, more efficient and safer aircraft, according to researchers and industry representatives who recently met at NASA’s Langley Research Center, in Hampton, Virginia. The Green Aviation technical meeting drew more than 100 people, who shared their insights and results from research. “What NASA is doing is very exciting, especially looking at the long-term view,” said Naveed Hussain, Boeing’s vice president of aeromechanical technology. Read More
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The Part 23 revision, Third Class Medical reform and non-certified avionics approvals are coming together all at once. (Sort of.) It may not signal happy days, but I'll take it. Read More
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Mustangs are among the most numerous warbirds but each is worth a close inspection. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli took a look at Berlin Express, a rare B model, at this year's Sun 'n Fun. Read More
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