Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2002 – Image Gallery, Part 1

Part one of our special gallery from Balloon Fiesta 2002.


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Gas balloons getting ready

It’s loud, it’s boring, it’s inflation time for the gas balloons

Why do I always sound like a mouse when we inflate these helium balloons?"

Much-needed sand for ballast — fortunately, New Mexico has a lot to spare

Richard Abruzzo’s basket — ready for a multi-day flight

Richard Abruzzo attaches the national and state flags to his balloon

Now all we have to do is wait for sunset …

to start the gas balloon race!

Competitors Louis Vitanza and Bert Padelt lift off, eventually landing in West Virginia

This’ll wake you up quicker than coffee!

That eagle is either proud to be an American or intends to pop another balloon

I want YOU to join the Mass Ascension"

Bear-ly able to get off the ground

"Quit fiddling with it — let’s light this candle!

OUCH!  Move over Green, you’re always hogging the bed!"

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