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Last week, AVweb wanted to know what single factor has the greatest effect on the amount of time you spend in the sky.

Not surprisingly, money is the biggest limitation on the time we’re able to spend in the sky.  Nearly half of those who responded to our poll (49%) cited money as the number one factor in keeping them ground.

Following far behind was time, which garnered 27% of your votes.

Weather was a less important factor, with only 12% of you citing it as a primary reason for staying on the ground.

Less popular conflicts included scheduling (an important consider for those who own aircraft shares) and the spouse, whom 4% of you said was keeping you at home instead of in the skies.

Other factors accounted for the remaining 7% of respondents’ answers.


Wolf hunting from the air.  No one’s asking your opinion – except us.  Should hunters be allowed to shoot wolves from aircraft?

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