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Last week, AVweb was curious just how many of prefer to fly IFR, how many fly VFR, and how many prefer to mix and match depending on the situation.

As it turns out, not many fence-straddlers answered our poll.  A full 37% of those who responded chose Instrument Rules (IFR) hands down, and the second largest group (28%) were content to fly by Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

A small (but significant) 5% of respondents told us they prefer to fly IFR and then cancel if not direct-routed.  And a slightly larger portion (10%) told us they plan VFR flight and switch to IFR while aloft if the weather dictates.

The remaining 20% of respondents prefer to fly VFR with flight following.


This week, AVweb wants to know about your longest cross-country flight.  Aside from the absolutely necessary stops (refueling, sleeping and potty breaks), what’s the longest distance you’ve ever flown?  All answers in nautical miles, please!

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