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Last week, AVweb asked how much you’d be willing to pay in proposed user fees.

The answer, we discovered, is Not much.  57% of those who responded to our last poll felt they already paid for "extra" services through fuel taxes, and another 22% of you said you flat-out refused to pay the government to continue operating inefficiently.  That covered a full 79% of those of who participated in last week’s poll!

What about the other 21% of readers?  5% were willing to pay a maximum of $50 per year, 6% were willing to go up to $100, and a mere 3% were willing to go to $200 per year

7% of you said I’ll stop flying before I pay for services I don’t use.


Last week, AVweb asked what your personal threshold is with regard to user fees. This week, we want to know how high avgas would have to rise before you considered giving up flying.

All other things being equal, how high could (sustained) fuel prices go before you gave up flying?

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