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Yoke Versus Stick


This week, we would like to know your thoughts on yoke versus stick controls. Thanks to Arthur Wiggins for suggesting this week’s topic. For AVweb’s Question of the Week, click here.Previous ResultsWe received more than 880 responses to our question last week on the FAA’s new photo ID rule. The overwhelming majority (82 percent) of respondents feel the new ID rule will be ineffective in stopping a terrorist intent on taking an airplane. Only 1 percent feel the photo IDs alone will be a deterrent. Seventy-four percent feel the move to photo IDs is more political than practical and is simply the quickest and easiest way to make Congress and the FAA/TSA happy (for now, anyway). Most of the comments we received focused on the events of 9-11-01. One reader wrote,” This is another case of fixing a problem that wasn’t there. The head (9-11) terrorist, Mohammed Atta, HAD BOTH a commercial pilot certificate and driver’s license.”