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Before we left for AirVenture Oshkosh, AVweb asked readers where they stand on the recent (and continuing) brouhaha between NATCA and the FAA. We were a bit facetious in the choices we offered – who, us? – and here were your responses:

“NATCA!” dominated the survey, with a full 88% of respondents pumping their fists in the air to cheer for overworked and underappreciated controllers.

A much smaller percentage of our readers (only 5%) were willing to chant “FAA!” on behalf of the federal government.

Slightly more than that (6% of respondents) seemed to be fed up with the controversy and voted that we “fire ’em all and sort it out later” – a choice that drew some criticism of AVweb in the July 25 edition of AVmail.


This week, AVweb wants to know what you think about the changes to the Washington, DC ADIZ. Unfortunately, we can’t offer a wide range of analysis in our answers – we’ll have to rely on your letters and commentary to fill in the gaps – but, for the purposes of “QOTW,” we’d like to know which blanket statement comes closest to matching your attitude.

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