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Last week, in response to the DC incursion, AVweb asked if the ADIZ is doing its job or just overreacting.

The majority of respondents (62% of you) answered with an emphatic NO. Overreactions are costing us time, money, effort, and business according to most AVweb readers.

24% of you were a bit shaken by the incursion, answering that the ADIZ could do a lot better if a Cessna is allowed to get within three miles of the White House.

10% were more sympathetic to the ADIZ, pointing out that increased TFRs and monitoring have reduced traffic over the capital and made it easier to watch for terrorist threats.

Only 4% of our respondents, however, thought that the ADIZ was doing a bang-up job of identifying potential threats.


This week, AVweb wants to know who you hold responsible for last week’s DC incursion. Between the pilot and the government, who should get the lion’s share of blame for this incident?

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