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Last week, AVweb pit glass-panel displays against the analog variety, hoping to find out where our readers stand on the issue.

What we learned is that there aren’t many die-hard fans of the analog panel out there.  11% of you preferred the glass panel hands-down, while a substantial 37% of respondents cited the glass panel’s superior reliability and situational awareness.  1% of participants (only seven of you) thought that glass panels are easier to learn and therefore superior to analog because they reduce the risk of pilot failures.

A large segment of respondents (39% of you) said you’d love to have a sampling of both analog and glass-panel cockpit features – if it wasn’t such an extravagant way to spend your cockpit budget.

Only 61 of you (12% of respondents) favored the analog panel, with 24 readers citing the difficulty of the glass panel to learn as a possible pratfall.


Meigs is dead. Long live Meigs.

This week, AVweb wants to know where you stand (in spring 2005) on the tearing down of Meigs Field.

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