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Last week, one AVweb reader asked if spin training should be included with Sport Pilot training.  11% of respondents said "definitely," while another 9% argued there’s no need for spin training at the Sport Pilot level when it isn’t even part of Private Pilot training.

The most popular response from AVweb readers by far was this one:  The rules need to be changed. We all should have spin training very early on – that means Private Pilots AND Sport Pilots.  48% of our respondents agreed with this "safety for all" statement.

The remaining 30% of participants said "no" to spin training, pointing out that spins are dangerous and relatively easy to avoid – no need to risk the lives of pilots and CFIs training for such a situation, especially when we’re training weekend fliers.

Six readers (Cirrus pilots, no doubt) said, "When in doubt, pull the ‘chute."


This week, another reader steps up to the plate with a puzzling question for AVweb readers.  We all have a pretty good understanding of what constitutes VFR, right?  Well, let’s consider this scenario from AVweb reader Steve Biddle:

You depart VFR in VFR conditions on a cross-country. Midway through your trip, you start to see a lower layer (overcast) in front of you. You have the required cloud clearance of 1000 above, and it is clear above. Your destination is reporting clear skies so you proceed. But once you find yourself above the overcast you realize you no longer have any visual ground contact. There is nothing but a layer of cloud below you. Are you still legally VFR at that point? Soon the overcast layer becomes broken, then scattered, finally clear – and you land at your destination without incident. But what about the halfway point of the trip that you had no visual reference to the ground?

What do you think? Was this pilot flying VFR?  Was he legal?

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