AVweb’s Question of the Week …



Last week, AVweb asked about the new Sport Pilot rules lurking in our near future.  Most AVweb readers who responded are open to the new rules – 34% of you welcoming Sport Pilot with open arms, while another 33% say that what’s good for the industry is good for the individual pilot (regardless of whether the Sport Pilot rules apply to him).  26% of you said we don’t need new rules (or a new category) at all, just better enforcement of the ultralight rules we already have.  And a cautious 6% of readers said there could be benefits to Sport Pilot, but the new rules will certainly be a double-edged sword.


A couple of weeks ago, AVweb asked the loaded question, "Are professional pilots overpaid?"  (About 2/3 of you said "no.") This week, just to be fair to everyone in the aviation industry, we want to know what you really think about the salaries of CFIs: Are flight instructors overpaid?

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