Gallery of Images from Air Race Classic 2000

Lots of images to accompany Mary Grady's coverage of ARC2000!


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Teams arrive at the sign-in point via a chauffered minivan, who brings them from their tie-down sites.

Celebrating the race's end with a bit of bubbly.

The Cirrus race plane.  Teammates Norma Hagist (left) and Iris Dewhurst (right), both from Rhode Island, prepare to leave the airport to find a hotel room.

Dean Richard Wright (center) of the Western Michigan University College of Aviation  greets his team (left) on the ramp at Hyannis.

Sarah Dittman, center, and Erin Conner, right, raced for Purdue University. They are both students, Sarah's first race and Erin's second.

Teammates Ruby Sheldon and Mary Rawlings take a break. The other airplanes had plain, block numbers affixed to their tails for the race. The Cirrus Corp. added a little extra style for their entrant.

All competitors must sign in here and turn in their keys to race officials.

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