Hurricane Charley Firsthand – Punta Gorda Air Terminal Gallery


On Friday and Saturday, Hurricane Charley struck the Punta Gorda Terminal in Florida hard and fast. AVweb staffers were on hand to capture the devastation.

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Aircraft Depot, a local maintenance shop, lost both hangar doors, and aircraft inside were blown out of the hangar.
The view looking northwest, near the terminal. A number of upended aircraft came to rest against the terminal, inside its fence.
Several rows of T-hangars like these – some with airplanes inside, some blown out and destroyed, some blown out relatively intact. On the other hand, newer T-hangars on the northwest side of the field were largely intact.
Despite the mayhem, a lucky few aircraft emerged relatively undamaged. This Bonanza’s nosegear collapsed, bending the prop. But it remained upright.
High winds leveled this steel building, located south of the Punta Gorda terminal buildings.
Punta Gorda’s resident DC-3 was driven back and knocked off its gear. It suffered significant wing damage.
This Cessna broke free of it’s tiedowns, tumbled intoa ball and stopped in a drainage ditch.
Several rows of T-hangars north of the terminal building were destroyed. Some aircraft went with them, some were damaged, and a lucky few remained mostly intact inside the wrecked structures.
Another structural failure. We believe this wooden homebuilt was tied down without its wings attached. However, high winds ripped the tail section off.
The airport terminal building suffered serious roof damage but appears to be structurally sound.
Some aircraft were smashed beyond recognition. This upended hulk is a Cessna Skymaster.
Many airplanes were ripped from their hangars and tumbled across the ramp like toys. We believe this wreck is a Taylorcraft.
Sometimes, strong ropes aren’t enough. This Tomahawk was securely tied down but the wind – or debris – twisted off the tail.

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