Press Release: Hartzell Introduces Proprietary Propeller De-Ice Product Line


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PIQUA, Ohio-March 16, 2007-Hartzell Propeller Inc. announced today that it has introduced its own line of Hartzell-designed propeller de-ice components with plans to support the entire catalog of Hartzell propellers that feature de-ice capability. The new Hartzell de-ice components will replace previous, third-party manufactured de-ice parts, including de-icer boots, wire harnesses, and slip rings.

Hartzell de-ice components have been designed, extensively tested and FAA certified to match or exceed the performance of the previous supplier’s products. Hartzell is in full-scale production of its new de-ice product line and is stocking parts for immediate shipment when replacement parts are required.

Hartzell de-ice products will be offered with warranty coverage superior to other suppliers’ coverage. The de-icer boots themselves will be covered for 18-month/2000 flight hours. Other components of the de-ice kits will feature a 12-month/1000 flight hour warranty. The key difference from other suppliers is that the Hartzell warranty also covers labor to remove and replace defective parts.

In addition to component production, Hartzell also has developed the capability to engineer the entire propeller de-ice system for new applications in order to offer its OEM customers a one-stop source for complete propeller system design. This will further improve Hartzell’s ability to provide customers with responsive propeller design, development and certification support.

Hartzell de-ice parts are available directly from Hartzell or through its worldwide network of recommended propeller repair stations. To find the nearest facility visit and go to Product Support, Worldwide Network. Component eligibility can be found in Hartzell Service Letter 259 and 260. These documents can be viewed at by going to Product Support, Recent Service Documents.

For more information about Hartzell’s new line of propeller de-ice components, e-mail, fax your request to Hartzell at (937) 778-4215 or call (800) 942-7767 toll free within North America or +1 937 778 5726 internationally.


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