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Last week, AVweb asked if the recent wave of recalls and retirements of Lycoming crankshafts has affected your opinion of the company and its products and practices.

Not surprisingly, they have. 40% of those who responded to our survey said their opinion of Lycoming has taken a beating in light of recent news – and another 15% expressed stronger disapproval, choosing our answer I can’t believe a company like that is still in business.

Not all of you were ready to give up on Lycoming, though. A substantial portion of respondents said the news had not impacted their view of the company. 25% of you told us that Lycoming is bound to have some mis-steps in the complicated business of parts manufacturing and that their engines are still top-notch, while another 17% applauded the company for taking proactive steps to resolve potential problems.

Only 11 readers, however, were willing to go so far as to say the “crankshaft crisis” has actually bolstered their faith in Lycoming.


Unions – good or bad for the aviation industry? Ballot-stuffing aside, what do you think?

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