Question of the Week: Business Travel in the Age of Bailouts


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The $100 hamburger is nice, but sometimes you just need to get a little further away from the rat race. Last week, we asked AVweb readers where they’d most like to fly to get away from it all.

The most popular getaway destination in our informal poll was the tropical island, cornering a full 44% of the votes. We could chide our readership for being a little predictable on this one – except, well, that was a pretty popular answer around the AVweb office, too.

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After the Big Three automakers flew to Washington in their jets to request federal aid, private air travel in the name of business has become a touchy subject. With pressure to change their ways, corporations are beginning to ask themselves how to move executives from one place to another if they’re partaking of government aid. We’d like to hear what you think.

How should companies receiving federal bailouts deal with their travel needs?
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