Question of the Week: Is the User-Fee Debate Affecting Your Commercial Flight Choices?


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EAA AirVenture saw no shortage of big announcements in ’07, and last week we asked readers to pick the biggest single announcement to come out of Oshkosh this year.

Opinions varied widely, and a full 13% of respondents told us they considered the show’s biggest news to be something we didn’t list.  Eclipse’s concept jet and the FAA’s reduction of the Washington, D.C. ADIZ took turns as leader early in the week, but when all was said and done, Cessna’s announcement of the 162 SkyCatcher led the pack, garnering 29% of the total votes in our poll.

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Last week, Delta Air Lines was the latest Air Transport Association member to toe the group’s pro-user-fee line when it sent an e-mail to customers blaming general aviation for delays.  Have the repeated attacks on general aviation from ATA and its individual members influenced what airline you fly?

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