Question of the Week: Paying at the Pump


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Last week, AVweb asked readers how their local government officials(as a rule) view the community airport.

Happily, most of our respondents told us that their representativeshave either a very positive or somewhat positive view ofthe local airport. (48% of reader responses fell into one of thosetwo categories.)

It was a close vote however, with all five options along the spectrumof answers getting similar votes.

For a complete breakdown of answers,click here.


This week, we’re thinking about a story on aviation credit cards that will run in the next issue of our sister publication, Aviation Consumer – and we’d like to know how AVweb readers pay for their avgas. Do you use cash, an organization co-issued credit card, a plain ol’ Visa card – or something else entirely?

Click here to tell us.

(The next issue of Aviation Consumer will carry the full story on aviation credit cards.If you don’t want to miss it,click here to subscribe to Aviation Consumer.)

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