Question of the Week: The FAA Foresees a Robust Future of GA; Do You?


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Last week, we asked AVweb readers for their opinions on air traffic controller Glenn Duffy and his son, now infamous as DFW’s "Kid Controller."

A majority of those who responded (55%) saw the son’s time on the radio as harmless fun and said no sanctions are necessary. Running a distance second in the poll, kind of funny but maybe not appropriate accounted for 21% of the vote. As the options became sterner, the number of responses dwindled, until 3% of those who answered recommended that both dad and supervisor should be sacked.

Want to see a full breakdown of responses? Take a moment to answer the question yourself, and then you can view real-time results.


The FAA says there will be 50,000 more GA airplanes and 52,000 more active pilots 20 years from now. Is that a reasonable prediction?

Is the FAA’s growth prediction for GA accurate?
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