Question of the Week: Was NASA’s Personal Air Vehicle Challenge a Good Use of Funds?


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Now that Delta Air Lines has become the latest Air Transport Association member to lay the blame for commercial flight delays at the feet of general aviation, we’ve heard quite a few complaints about the ATA from the G.A. segment of our audience.

Last week, we asked if AVweb readers are making commercial flight choices based on the ATA’s pro-user-fee stances, and found that well over half of you (based on the poll response) avoid flying commercially on ATA member airlines when possible.

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NASA’s first Personal Air Vehicle Challenge concluded this past weekend, with the full $250,000 in prize money awarded in various amounts to the four contestants. The entered airplanes were modified versions of certified and experimental models, but none incorporated any truly groundbreaking technology, nor will any of them lead to a personal air vehicle for the masses.  Do you think this money was well spent?

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