Question of the Week: Where Should Stimulus Money Be Spent?


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Last week, the TSA appointed Juan Barnes as a security liaison to GA encouraged the general public to e-mail him their concerns. So we put the question to AVweb readers: What do you have to say about the TSA’s current policies and practices?

Not surprisingly, a solid majority of the readers who participated in our poll (55%) thought that GA security is just fine exactly the way it is. At the other end of the spectrum, only three readers (!) thought there were significant risks posed by GA and that the TSA should be doing more make America’s skies safe.

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Plenty of parties – government and otherwise – stand ready to pump money into the aviation industry to help it weather economic hard times. But where should it be spent? We’d like to hear which segment of aviation should get the lion’s share of "stimulation."

How should aviation stimulus money be allocated?
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