AVmail: April 24, 2003

Reader mail this week about pilots packin' heat, belt-tightening at American Airlines and more.


EAA Flies Reality TV Show

I assume that the EAA’s student pilot, Kyle, is male. This is unfortunate, in that if GA is to grow, organizations like the EAA have to capture the imagination of women. Females are vastly underrepresented in the ranks of GA, and if GA is going to grow it will only happen with marketing that is aimed at females.Dimitri Stefanidis

AVweb responds …

Actually, the young woman’s name is Kyle … which explains why we chose the pronoun “her”.

Glenn Pew

Pilots Packin’ This Week

Your article about the training of airline pilots to carry firearms in the cockpit missed the mark on a few issues, foremost of all was your statement that a “small percentage” of pilots would take advantage of the program. You failed to mention the obfuscatory efforts by the TSA to foil the Congressionally mandated program by erecting a myriad of hoops to be jumped through by pilot applicants, including unnecessary psychological testing. Your article appeared to contain information only from the TSA. Over 70% of the ALPA pilots polled responded favorably to the program. Please present a better researched article on such an important topic. John H. Edley

AVweb responds …

And thank you for filling in those gaps, as you see them, John.

Russ Niles

American Workers Tighten Belts … On Management

Appears the AA employees were paying attention to what happen at USAir. The executives who are padding their own pensions are the same ones who managed AA into bankrupcy in the first place. They failed, and I certainly would not trust them to sweet talk now, then pad their own pensions later in some other slippery fashion. The execs’ performances aren’t worth a reward.Bob Geopfarth