AVmail: February 13, 2012


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Letter of the Week: Where’s Our Trophy?

Regarding the “Question of the Week“: How about a trophy for the average aviator? You know, the guys who drive 20-year-old cars so they can afford a 40-year-old airplane; who put up with ridiculous security regulations, crippling fuel prices, a progressively dumber society that doesn’t understand aviation, and a President who castigates them for being “elite.”

These are the guys who give Young Eagles rides, take cancer patients to distant cities for life-saving treatments, and fly supplies into storm-ravaged Caribbean islands. They are the lifeblood of American general aviation. Where is their trophy?

Glenn Juber

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The iPad!

Ray Rivera

IPad Chronology

Interesting article about the pilot suing because his employer didn’t give him an iPad [in 2009] to avoid injury. It’s particularly interesting since the iPad wasn’t released until April 3, 2010.

Mitch Hodges

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