AVmail: February 27, 2003

Reader mail this week about weekend destinations and banner towing restrictions, and still more debate about arming GA pilots.


The Pilot’s Lounge

Thank you, Rick Durden! Your article on the Alexis Park Inn was most welcome. Yes, we are tight-fisted SOB’s and, yes, we are self-destructive to our own passion. But maybe continued exposure to nice destinations like this are just what we need. Many pilot mags contain articles on major destinations for major vacations. I’m here to tell ya that flying my plane and taking major vacations are mutually exclusive activities!But those weekend getaways? Ahh, that’s the ticket.Keep ’em comin’, Rick and the AVweb staff.Steve Cote

Banner-Tower Ban Panned

With referance to the Banner Towing limitations in your latest issue of AVweb being imposed on the operators of these businesses, I would ask, how long does it take to descend into a crowd from 3,000 feet? I’ll would venture to say that anyone who is so inclined could fly above this limit and carry out their terror with little reaction time from anyone. Just one more example of a really dumb rule that isn’t well thought-out and imposes unrealistic restrictions on law-abiding people.Craig Carter

Arming GA Pilots

Three things I’m comfortable with, and that you can count on when flyingwith this GA pilot compared to flying commercially:1) You will not be strip-searched before the flight. If I don’t knowyou, you don’t get on the airplane. 2) I’ve never lost my own luggage.3) The pilot is always armed. (This is handy for enforcing the lasthalf of #1!)Am I comfortable with all GA pilots being armed? Hell no, there are a few out there who are irresponsible idiots! It’s probably about the same percentage of the general populous that are terrorists. But you can’t legislate “everyone or no-one” laws that can be readily enforced. I just take care of my little circle of responsibility. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone did?Richard A. Hime

Arming GA Pilots

“Arming Pilots” from what?!Have we all gone crazy? Since 9/11, this has to be the most ludicrous situation I have heard yet! What’s next? Gee, are we a step away from wearing swastikas, and carrying lugers? Why don’t we forget all that fancy ADIZ zone stuff, and rename it “tombstone territory” and Wyatt Earp can be in charge, instead of the FAA? I can’t believe how your repondents voted.As a CFII I’m still going to have fun teaching, and not be paranoid over every student with whom I fly.Jody Keydash