AVmail: Jan. 14, 2008


Cessna’s China Blunder

I am amazed at the public-relations spin spooling up over at Cessna … and being propagated by the air-related media (AVwebFlash, Jan. 7). Comments against taking their Skycatcher manufacturing to China are more like 50:1 against it, not the 50/50 split being reported with the negative “remarks appeared to be based on incomplete or inaccurate information.” No! I am intelligent, well-read, and have the money to spend … and you just further insulted me. Will the uproar change anything? No … its about the dollar. And they won’t get mine! So much for their “under 100K” goal. Cessna, you missed your mark, and alienated a lot of potential customers. You lost this one.D.J. Cooley

Boeing Had a Great 2007

I think you overlooked a major portion of the Boeing business that also had a record year (AVwebBiz, Jan. 9). The rotorcraft side had an amazing year with the deployment of the V-22 into combat and the successful manufacturing of the recently redesigned CH-47 Chinook. The Chinook, by the way, was reported by Boeing to be their most profitable product company-wide so it may be the cash cow that’s helping to fund a lot of the commercial development side. Their diversity and the success of the other parts made no sense not to mention and only detracted from just how successful of a year it really was.Lucky Macy

Kudos for Carl Moesly

Thanks for a great story (Skywritings, Jan. 10), but more importantly, thank you for your service to our country. I was taught to fly by a “Hump” pilot whose experience was so bad he would not speak much of it. You have helped me understand what he must have gone through.Again, thanks for your service to our country. We would not enjoy the benefits we do if it were not for people like you.Dave Shattler

I had the greatest luck in the world to be taught to fly by a gentleman that flew the Hump, John Ferguson from Kansas. He hired me as an SIC on a Sabreliner in 1966. Lots of Hump pilots flying Sabres at that time. All were good enough to give a snot-nosed kid some great flying advice they had learned the hard way. What a group. I have met a lot of those guys and they all were great.It is wonderful to hear your stories. Can’t wait to read more.Ralph Heaton

Kudos for Mike Busch

Somewhere I’ve got a transcript of an old AVSIG session in which Mike and I were discussing how I — as a private pilot and volunteer (at an air museum) mechanic — had obtained my A&P and how he might do the same. I’ve since pretty-much retired from flying and IA-ing and mechanicking, but I have long admired Mike for his perseverance and success in the game(s). The GA community has benefited greatly; his recognition is well-deserved.Mike Armstrong

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