AVmail: January 23, 2003

Reader mail this week about ADS-B separation and Avidyne's EX500.


ADS-B and Aircraft Separation

With reference to your ADS-B story, controllers maintain 3 miles separation whether it is VFR or IFR. This is the separation standard for non-heavy aircraft. A heavy aircraft behind a heavy aircraft requires 4 miles separation, VFR or IFR. The difference between VFR and IFR is that during specific VFR conditions VISUAL SEPARATION can be used. During IFR conditions VISUAL SEPARATION can NOT be used. ADS-B will not reduce the required separation during IFR conditions.John Kubik

Avidyne EX500 Shipping Delays

Can you find out what the problem is with Avidyne’s new EX500? According to all their ads over the past few months, this gaget is the best MFD out there — except it’s NOT out there. We have had a large cash deposit at Gulf-Coast Avionics for some time, but still no word on when Avidyne will start shipping. Last we heard was that all the testing is done and they’re “just waiting for the approval paperwork from the FAA.”Remember “vaporware”? How about “vaporavionics”?Fred Hawkins

AVweb responds …

We put your question to Avidyne, who responded as follows:

What Mr. Hawkins is hearing is correct. We have completed all FAA flight tests and we are awaiting approval from the FAA. We are equally anxious to begin shipping, but simply do not have a firm date to offer, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Tom Harper