AVmail: June 2, 2003

Reader mail this week about the FAA Wings Program, delays with the Sport Aircraft regulations and more.


Boeing Looks at McAirliners

Just a quick note on something I thought was incorrect in the AVweb newsletter. The article says “Seattle-based.” They are now headquartered in Chicago, Ill., as of a couple years ago. Love the newsletter; keep up the great job, I love seeing it in my mail box.Ric Vanselow

FAA Wings Program

Why has there been no mention of the very succesful FAA Wings Program? Once a year, three-hour training flight with a CFI or CFII, plus attendance at a FAA Flight seminar that year. Takes perference over the two year biennial recurrency training.Capt. R.E. “Dick” Norman

AVweb Responds:

We haven’t mentioned it enough recently, that’s true. We talked about it in our Gleim FIRC review, The Pilot’s Lounge #48, Interactive Quiz #56, and Chasing Ratings, and and that’s just what I could find in a quick search. I personally love that program and participate in it every year.

Kevin Lane-Cummings
Features and AVmail Editor

Sport Aircraft Question of the Week

I believe that the slow prosses of the sport aircraft regulation has the FAA concerned about controlling the thousands of aircraft in the sky with much less building control than certifield aircraft. Seems like EAA has FAA in a corner due to a very popular regulation. James Critchfield