AVmail: May 15, 2003

Reader mail this week about single-engine pole crossings, armed deadheading pilots and more.


Two Poles, One Pilot, One Engine

The idea of flying single engined across both poles doesn’t sound nearly dangerous enough to catch my attention. Let’s disconnect one of the magnetos and use some contaminated fuel just to keep things interesting.Who gets to search the polar ice caps when she goes missing?Sylvia Else

Deadheading Pilots Want To Keep Guns

I am encouraging my buddies to all go to Arizona and learn the cowboy skills, guns, lassos and whiskey, then have our aircraft galleys changed to small saloon bars, and … yeepppeeeyyy!What happened to plain American common sense?Retired Airline Capt. Orlando Giacich
Somerset, United Kingdom

Shell Oil and Mayor Daley

I notice Shell Oil is a prominent advertiser on AVweb. I also notice they support Mayor Daley as the “Presenting Sponsor” of the Chicago Air Show in August, presented by the Mayor’s Office of Special Events. Your readers should know Shell is playing both sides of the fence.Don Mackenzie

AVweb responds …

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Major corporations sometimes fund both sides of political campaigns to maintain connections no matter who wins. Putting advertising in both AVweb and the Chicago Air Show keeps Shell’s name and products in the minds of aviation consumers.

Kevin Lane-Cummings
Features and AVmail Editor