Top Letters And Comments, July 19, 2019


Paul’s House

I took a tour of The Poberezny Estate on the first day it was opened for Airventure 2017. I, too, was awestruck by the beauty of the place, the thoughtful organization of the spaces he built and the restoration of a beautiful old Farm home. The docent who gave the tour said that Paul and some friends actually hand dug an enlargement of the basement area for … another bar. Also, the Stevens Point Brewery hand brewed some Poberezny beer seen in the annex bar, too. He made a point of saying that everywhere Paul had an office, he had a bar. At the rear of the property is a Memorial Garden area. I picture Paul’s spirit stopping by the Poopdeck from time to time to sit and contemplate the wonderful organization he put together and to see the many people stopping in to see it. Taken as a whole, this is a wonderful side trip for anyone visiting Airventure.

When I visited, a long table in the 3-car garage was covered with photo albums of all sorts of pictures of the Estate being built and of all things EAA. Imagine putting such hallowed artifacts out for the public any place else … they’d be gone in a flash.

At the Volk Field Wisconsin Reserve Museum about 100 miles west of Oshkosh, they have a display of Paul’s military uniform in an old log building that was the Officer’s Club, as well. I strongly urge all EAA’ers to visit the Poberezny Estate to get a better idea of who the man that established “our” organization really was. He ran EAA and hand dug basements, too! WOW.

You have to sign up for the tour and catch a bus to it from the Museum. You cannot just drive up. Thank you, Jim Irwin and Aircraft Spruce for preserving this hallowed place for EAA’ers. “Spiritual Experience.” I agree.

Larry S.

Pipistrel Training Future Air Force Pilots

If one were to fly only electric aircraft there would undoubtedly be a BIG limitation on the pilot certificate. Electric engines leave a big hole in pilot training because of the simplicity of the power system. No run-up required, that I know of; no monitoring of temperatures and lubricant pressures, Just flip the switch to on and, excepting flight control check and ATC, you are ready for takeoff. How much will flight range be affected by using cabin heat during cold weather? Or deicing equipment?

I have heard no discussion of multi-engine procedures, never mind electric engined transport aircraft. Will the weight of high-power engines and batteries require a greater multiplicity of engines for large aircraft? Is electric flight going to progress beyond single-engine airplanes under, say, 12,500 lbs? Just food for thought.

Adding to [that] comment: I see no rationale for any military creating its own primary flight training department using only electric aircraft until there are operational electric-engine tactical aircraft. Using glider training should probably do just as well in deciding who is not a “natural” pilot. Power management is much more a part of flying than just aerodynamics.

Mac H.

Do You Think The Apollo Lunar Landing Was the Greatest Human Achievement?

It proved that the best minds and the best people, given enough money, can accomplish their goals.


I’m not sure it happened.


Lindy’s flight was.


I think that money would have been better spent exploring the ocean, curing cancer, educating children, solving global climate change, saving THIS planet.


To date the greatest human achievement.


The greatest achievement based on the level of technology and the speed of the program.


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