Say Again?: A Note to Readers


Each month, AVweb publishes about a half-dozen columns on a range of aviation topics. If we do things right, these simply appear on the site, for all to read free of charge. What’s less obvious is the behind-the-scenes work and thought that goes into these columns. That’s another way of saying producing a monthly column isn’t easy, nor is it sustainable forever. In that context, effective this month, Don Brown has ended his long-time popular column, Say Again?.As most loyal readers of AVweb know, Don has contributed some 70 columns in the course of his nearly seven-year relationship with AVweb. That body of work represents an unparalleled inside glimpse into the workings of ATC and his column enjoys a loyal following. Don recently retired from a long career in ATC, his last assignment as a controller at Atlanta Center. AVweb is honored to have published his observations, and we wish him the best in his retirement from the FAA. Meanwhile, his columns will remain accessible through our index and search engine.