Short Final

Overheard in IFR Magazine's 'On the Air' Section
Overheard in IFR Magazine‘s “On the Air”

I was departing Terre Haute, Indiana. The ATIS said clear below 12,000, but I could see a scattered layer of clouds to the south with tops around 4,500 feet. After tower switched me to departure, there was this exchange:

Cessna 123 (me):
“Approach, Cessna 123. Request VFR-on-top 5,500.”

Controller (sarcastically):
“Cessna 123, it’s called ‘clear.'”

Cessna 123 (me):
“Then I’d like to report strange puffy white things with tops around 4,500, 12 o’clock, 10 miles.”

The controller must not have understood that VFR-on-Top does not require clouds.

John Rudolph
Evansville, Indiana