Short Final: Common Denominations


Back in the early 1980s, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon launched a popular religious movement whose followers were known as “Moonies,” no relation to Al Mooney, designer of fast and efficient general aviation airplanes. This led to some amusing confusion.

One day at a crowded airport with a common traffic advisory frequency (then known as a “unicom”), incoming pilots were trying to sort out the flow of traffic. After some back and forth, one of the pilots asked, “Can you advise? Is there a Mooney in the pattern?”

After a pause, some wiseacre piped up with, “No, but I think we’ve got three Presbyterians and a Methodist.”



    Years ago one of my colleagues, a very attractive young woman, said “Jim, my husband is a pilot. He calls me “Mooney”, Can you tell me why?

    I thought “I better be careful with this”. Then I told her “Well, the Mooneys are beautiful airplanes, sleek, efficient, delightful airplanes.”

    I did NOT tell her the Mooney has a very distinctive tail, No. NoNo. That would’ve been a mistake, though accurate and probably the correct answer.