Short Final: Concorde Conquest


I fly a Cessna Conquest and when I announce myself to air traffic control, sometimes they hear Citation, and I usually correct them so they know I can’t cruise at FL 430.The other day I was doing practice approaches at my home airport, and a student was on the tower frequency with me.

Me: “Conquest 123A on the RNAV 21L .”

Tower: “Conquest 123A continue, report outer marker.”

Me: “Report outer marker, Conquest 123A.”

Tower: “Cirrus 321B report left base, you are number two to land following a Conquest on a three mile final.”

Cirrus 321B: “Uh, OK, number two following the Concorde.”

Me: “Concorde 123A passing outer marker.”

Tower (laughing): “OK Concorde 123A, cleared to land 21 left.”

Me: “This is my last flight. This airplane is just too expensive!”

Dudley Taft

Cincinnati, OH

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