Short Final: Fighter Pilot Landings


On a flight to Purdue University in my Piper Seneca, I was cleared for a right base to Runway 23. With a number of student pilots training at Purdue, the following exchange occurred:

Tower: “300DE execute a left turn for spacing, student traffic on final.”

Me: “300DE left turn for spacing.”

Tower: “300DE, I said left turn.”

Me: “300DE is in a left turn.”

By this time, the traffic on final had landed.

Tower: “300DE cleared to land Runway 23. Do whatever it takes.”

This was because by this time I was in between a base and short final.

Me: “300DE short final, cleared to land 23.” I lowered gear and flaps, and dove to the runway, touching down in the first 500 feet.

Tower: “Nice landing. 300DE contact Lafayette Ground 121.9.”

Me: “Ex fighter pilot—no problem.”

Art Schmidt

St. Joseph, MI

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