Short Final: For The Birds


I was a new controller and just assigned to my first duty station, Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona. I had a pretty good working relationship with my crew mate. It was slow and we had the frequencies on the speaker so we could use handsets instead of wearing headsets.

Out of nowhere we get a report of birds on the north side of the field flying south. So as is required of us, my crew mate starts making a cautionary statement for birds INVOF the airport. As he is doing this I scream as loud as I can, “CAW CAW CAW.”

He starts laughing in the middle of this cautionary statement but finishes it and we both start laughing in the tower cab.

After a few moments of silence on the frequency we hear over the loud speaker, “Uh tower, it sounds like those birds may be attacking the tower. Everything okay down there?”

We couldn’t stop laughing and the frequency blew up with pilots making bird noises and bird jokes. Good times…

Joe Forti
Las Vegas, NV

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