Short Final: Four‑Legged Varmint


I have flown Lears for many years for a company whose callsign is Coyote. One day when we had been vectored towards the airport and then handed off to Tower:

Tower: “Coyote 123, cleared for the visual Runway xx.”

Me: “Cleared visual Runway xx. Coyote 123.”

Second aircraft: “Tower, N12345 has runway in sight.”

Tower: “N12345, report preceding Learjet in sight.”

N12345: “We have the four‑legged varmint in sight. (Laughter)”

Tower: “N12345, follow the Coyote. Cleared visual Runway xx.”

Trudi Enge

El Paso, Texas

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  1. I had one sitting on the 23R about 1500′ down the runway when cleared for takeoff in a Heavy. I sat and waited for animal control to chase the feller away. I’m sure the catering people had their eye out for some easy protein if we had made sushi of him!
    Seriously, hitting anything bigger than a bug can have dire consequences. Fences around our airport is secondary for keeping people out its the critters that they primarily discourage. We have a coyote that lives in field nearby (inside the fence) that I’ve been suggesting he/she/they be removed one way or the other.

  2. As a Navy T-28 instructor in the mid seventies, I was about to take the runway for departure when I observed what I thought was a dog on the runway about three quarters of the way down. “Tower, there’s a dog on the runway.” After a long pause, the tower replied: “The dog is a fox!”