Short Final: Happy New Year


I spent an hour in our local practice area on New Year’s Day for a first flight of the year and to keep the rust at bay. As is my practice, I monitor the Class C – Providence Approach which is 20 miles away but I don’t actually talk to them as I maneuver all over the place. During the hour, I heard them “depart” just one aircraft. Otherwise the frequency was silent. As I was about to switch to CTAF to return home I clicked:

“Providence Approach, N360GS.”

“N360GS, Providence Approach.”

“Happy New Year. Thanks for coming in today.”

“Happy New Year. Can I do anything for you?”

“No, just Happy New Year.”

A rather plaintive “You need Flight Following?”

“Thanks, but I am done for the day.”

“Ok – Ok……”

Graeme Smith

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