Short Final: Just Married


My son and daughter‑in‑law had just married. I set in motion a plan to surprise them during their flight back home.

I got the frequency for Newark inbound flights at 16,000 feet from Albany Approach. I then contacted Boston Center for permission to contact United 139 for a personal message. Then it went like this:

Me: “United 139, this is Liberty 1234, about 3 miles directly below. My son and daughter‑in‑law were married two days ago; they’re on board, and I’m hoping you can surprise them with some good wishes?”

UAL 139: “That’s wonderful. We’ll join you in congratulating them, and their parents too!”

Whereupon the flight crew presented the newlyweds with their best wishes, and a bottle of Champagne.

Thank you to Albany Approach, Boston Center and the crew of UAL 139 for helping make the newlyweds’ return to the U.S. a memorable occasion!

Daniel Spitzer
Piermont, NY

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