Short Final: Looking For Traffic


Approaching Wilkes‑Barre/Scranton Airport, the traffic advisories from Approach were scant until after a bit, Approach said, “Archer 44939, traffic at your 11 o’clock, slow‑moving, type and altitude unknown. I’m not talking to him.”

Me: “939 looking.”

Approach: “You spot him yet?”

Me: “Negative.”

Approach: “Might be a train on the mountain.”

Sure enough, there it was. I decided to have some fun and deadpanned, “Traffic in sight.”

Not missing a beat, he replied, “Traffic no factor. Tower now, good day.”

Aviation is serious business, but best not taken too seriously!

Fred Simonds
Juno Beach, FL

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  1. Why don’t they require ADS-B on that train so the controller can discern it from low flying airplanes ??