Short Final: O Romeo, Tango Romeo


My friend had just completed his Pulsar XP kit, flew off the required hours, got it signed off, and asked me if we could fly to Oshkosh as a flight of two. We refueled in Jolliet, IL, and he took off first. The speedy Pulsar was quickly miles ahead of my Tripacer as we flew around the west side of Chicago. I was trying to contact him on 123.4 to find out where he was.

Me:1-2-3-Tango Romeo; 2-4-Delta is over DuPage VOR. Where are you?


Me:1-2-3 Tango Romeo; 2-4-Delta is over I-90. Say your location.


After a third call to my friend in “Tango Romeo,” a response came on the frequency in a falsetto voice: “Tango Romeo, Tango Romeo, wherefore art thou, Tango Romeo?”

My friend won the Builder’s Choice Award from Skystar Aviation for his Pulsar XP that year.

Ralph Gutowski

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  1. Funny…
    But that wherefore contains where doesn’t make wherefore mean where, as where is in wherewithal but wherewithal isn’t where at all. (Read that 10 times fast.)