Short Final: Slower Than A Helicopter?


Last summer, I was flying around the western edge of the New York Class B talking to NY Approach. He called out business jet traffic arriving at Teterboro to me first and then:

Approach: BizJet123, traffic 12 o’clock, 3 miles, a helicopter at 3500.

BizJet: Not in sight, looking for the traffic.

Me: I’m not a helicopter, I’m a Maule, single engine taildragger.

Approach: Previous controller had you in as a helicopter, I’ll fix that.

Unidentified Voice: He’s actually slower than a helicopter.

Corey Lanum

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  1. I flew a Maule or two and they are not that slow. Only those swishey new turbine helicopters are faster, an’ maybe a few of the ol’ ‘copters. I flew mostly floats an’ that slows a feller down a bit also… Th’ Maule could go into lakes that only a ‘copter on floats could get into, except when the ice was thick.