Short Final: Static


Heard while transitioning NorCal Approach airspace near Sacramento:

Cessna 12345: (Broken, garbled transmission)

NorCal: “I believe that was Cessna 12345; you’re coming in unreadable. Do you have another radio you can try?”


Cessna 12345: “NorCal approach, how do you read Cessna 12345 now?”

NorCal: “Loud and clear now, your other radio was just static.”

Cessna 12345: “Thanks for that. Yeah, we tossed that radio out the window already.”

William Cole

Petaluma, California

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    • I was once discussing the point with the FSDO – as we wanted to drop a bunch of flower petals from a safe height over a Memorial Service. The Inspector agreed that petals were not going to harm anyone below – but cautioned us to check town littering ordinances before going ahead. You can throw anything you like out the window as long as it doesn’t cause undue hazard. § 91.15 Dropping objects.