Short Final: Sunrise


While flying over Long Island recently on an Angel Flight Mission around 2:30 p.m. I heard the following:

Cessna 1234: “New York, Cessna 1234 off Linden Municipal. Looking for flight following to Montauk.”

TRACON: “Cessna 1234 Squawk 5678. How does the Sunrise look?”

Cessna 1234: “Currently climbing and can’t see it. Will let you know when we level off.”

A couple of minutes later:

Cessna 1234: “New York, Sunrise looks wide open.”

TRACON: “Great, I get off in a couple of minutes. Should be an easy drive home.”

Since this exchange took place in mid‑afternoon, I was baffled by the first reference to “the Sunrise.” Turns out it’s a local reference to an east‑west highway that runs through Long Island.

Richard Jacobs

New Bedford, MA

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