Aviation Group Provides Aid To Tornado Victims


Sky Hope Network, a nonprofit organization, is raising money through June 1 to support members of the aviation community affected by the destructive tornado that hit near Oklahoma City on Monday. “FAA personnel, staffers, escrow agents, and airport and FBO support workers in the OKC region are victim to a range of personal losses,” says the Network at their website. “They need immediate assistance from the wider aviation business community.” All funds collected will go directly to the victims, the group said. Aerobridge, a nonprofit that coordinates general-aviation relief efforts, told AOPA no pilot volunteers are needed since the affected areas are accessible by road.

On Tuesday, the death toll from the tornado was estimated at 24, including 9 children. The tornado was officially classified as a Category 5, the most destructive category, by the National Weather Service. It traveled across the ground for about 50 minutes along a path more than a mile wide, damaging and destroying scores of buildings in the city of Moore and Oklahoma City. The FAA reported no damage to airports or navaids in the area, AOPA said.