FBO of the Week: Cape Aviation (KCGI, Cape Girardeau, MO)


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AVweb‘s “FBO of the Week” ribbon goes to Cape Aviation at Cape Girardeau Regional Airport (KCGI) in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

AVweb reader Karen Austermiller found herself seeking shelter from the rash of spring storms at Cape just a few days ago:

Last week, between waves of the severe springtime storm pattern, we were on a ferry flight between Phoenix and Pontiac, MI and looking for a place to set down for the night. Having recently passed over a frontal line of developing puffies, we had hangar space at the top of the priority list. Checking the possibilities, it looked like Cape Girardeau might work, even though we both said we probably can’t even pronounce it on the radio. (Dang Westerners!) Nevertheless, we stopped in, almost at closing time, and the remaining manager on duty scurried to find hangar space and move some stuff around to get the Cirrus tucked away for the night. Then he set us up with the courtesy car and got a hotel on the line (with a discount), and we were off for a wild evening of local bad weather observation. From the safety of a great 100-year-old building, housing a local fine restaurant called Molly’s, we were fascinated by the sophisticated severe weather reporting that played out on TV all evening. Not at all like the tornado horn, run-for-the-basement-and-send-your-brother-out-in-an-hour-to-check stuff that we both recalled. This system is amazing, and it was a pretty interesting evening amongst a lot of really nice people. Cape Girardeau seems like a fine spot in nice weather, but they sure know how to handle the bad stuff in a way that makes visitors feel pretty darn safe!

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