FBO of the Week: Clarke County Airport (Quitman, MS)


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AVweb‘s “FBO of the Week” ribbon goes to Clarke County Airport (23M) in Quitman, Mississippi.

AVweb reader Dee Ann Ediger clued us in to the airport’s excellent FBO:

We were making our way westward toward questionable weather and keeping in contact with Flight Service while watching the visibility ahead and scouting out landing prospects. We had been landing at two-hour intervals to check weather from the ground, and Clarke County fit our time, course, runway length, and fuel availability, so we dropped in. The inside of the FBO was immaculate, and the freshly painted facilities were just about the cleanest I have ever seen at a small airport. The refrigerator was stocked with microwave sandwiches, drinks, and snacks with an honor pay system so we didn’t have to dig into our crackers-and-cheese emergency rations. The excellent service and availability of mogas in addition to the very low priced avgas makes this a very likely stop for us on future trips. We even had our picture taken with our airplane to add to the wall of infamy “documenting those who stop in.”

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