FBO of the Week: Faulkner’s Air Shop (KBMQ, Burnet, TX)


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AVweb‘s latest “FBO of the Week” comes to us from reader Sandra Wirth, who found herself making an unplanned stop at Burnet Municipal Airport/Kate Craddock Field (KBMQ) in Burnet, Texas, where she discovered Faulkner’s Air Shop:

While on a ferry flight from California to Florida in a Piper Warrior last month, due to a weather system in western Texas, I made an unplanned evening landing at KBMQ. It was after 6:00pm, and I was expecting to find a deserted airport and to have to figure out the fueling and lodging on my own. Instead, the lights were on at Faulkner’s Air Shop, and smiling faces greeted me as I entered the building. Dale took care of my fuel needs before I had much chance to think about it and then gave me some phone numbers of nearby motels. When none of [the hotels] would pick me up, Johanna drove me herself.

The next morning, I ended up waiting several hours for some low clouds to clear. Johanna brought me back to the FBO, and I had a comfortable place to relax while the activity of a busy flight school swirled around me. At lunch time, they offered me a ride into town. Meanwhile, Dale towed the aircraft into the shop, serviced the flattened nose strut with nitrogen, and towed it back to the ramp.

They wouldn’t accept payment for any of this, nor were there tie-down fees. By the time I was finally able to take off around 2:30pm, I felt I had been given VIP treatment to a level that was far above anything else I experienced on my 2,500-nm journey across the country.

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