FBO of the Week: Galaxy Air Services (Conroe, TX)


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AVweb‘s “FBO of the Week” ribbon goes to Galaxy Air Services at Lone Star Executive Airport (CXO) in Conroe, Texas.

AVweb reader David Hertz described a nightmare lay-over in Conroe that was made a little easier by the dream team at Galaxy:

We were on our way east, heading towards New York when terrible weather saw us landing at Lone Star Executive in Conroe, Texas. Little did we know how fortunate this choice would be. … Held in by a two-day ice and snow storm – the Houston natives kept telling us “it never does this in Texas” – we enjoyed terrific hospitality and use of a courtesy car … . Two days later, the weather cleared and [when] we had said our thank yous and goodbyes , we went to launch, and the starter in the airplane failed. Five minutes after hearing our story (and certainly surprised to see us again), the mechanics at Galaxy were tearing into the airplane to get us on the way. … [One UPS delivery and another night in Conroe later,] we launch, but Houston approach said our radios were unintelligible. Turning around was the last thing we wanted to do, but Galaxy put us onto their avionics neighbor, Avionics Unlimited. … The crew car having been given to another crew and unavailable, David and Nancy directed their son to “give them Grandma’s car” (a beautiful Lincoln Calais). So we spent one last night in Texas, while styling along in a luxury ride. These fine people went far out of their way for complete strangers. We couldn’t have felt more welcome or accommodated. Every effort was to ensure our comfort during this unintended stopover. Giving us Granny’s car to drive was just completely over the top. Being native New Yorkers, we were very impressed by “hospitality Texas-style” as shown us by David and Nancy of Galaxy Air Services. In our eyes, they earned “FBO of the Week” and did so many times over.

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